Beats & Bars is an event brand & musical movement that showcases live Hip-Hop acts and deejays. Founded by Tricksta in 2012, Beats & Bars are committed to pushing and promoting quality Hip-Hop music and culture.

Starting off on August 11th 2012, Beats & Bars began life as a monthly event in Wolverhampton before branching out nationally. Since its humble beginnings Beats & Bars have now done shows in Birmingham (Digbeth, Snow Hill, Kings Heath), Brierley Hill, Bristol, Canterbury, Coventry, Derby, Dudley, Edinburgh, Ipswich, London, Manchester, Mildenhall (Boom Bap Festival), Norwich, Portsmouth, Redditch, Shrewsbury, Stoke, Swindon, Walsall, Warwick (Let Loose Festival), Wednesbury and Wolverhampton.

Beats & Bars have now put over 100 events and hold it in high regard that we have never had any trouble at our events and there is always a friendly vibrant atmosphere capturing the essence of real Hip-Hop. We always support local talent in the city or town we put events on always making it our goal to please people who live in the location of the event.

We also have booked bigger acts such as US acts Dead Prez, Smif’n’Wessun, Bronze Nazareth (Wu Tang), Stl Gld, Rich Quick, John Reilly, Wake Self & DJ Element, Ill Gordan, as well as the cream of the UK scene such as Klashnekoff, Skinnyman, Verb T (The Four Owls), Phili & Dotz, Genesis Elijah, Tony D, M9, Micall Parknsun, Kingpin and many more. We have a team of dedicated acts, DJ’s, breakers, graffiti artists, designers, videographers, photographers and a committed street team.

We are always looking to expand and keep moving forward by working with like-minded co-promoters and venues. We have a full merchandise range with caps, beanies, tee’s, mugs, badges, stickers etc., as well as banners. If you want to be part of our team and build something that could be great, then please get in touch.

In Hip-Hop We Trust…